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Rosey and Mac - The Robots

Waiting for the Dust to Settle

I suppose I’ve just been waiting for the dust to settle – you don’t want to rush right into something like this

But I think I’ve shown great prudence – waiting all these years before finally acquiring one

You see, robotic vacuum technology has been around since before I was born

Rosey robotic vacuum and Mac pictured here were released in 1962 by Hanna-Barbera the technology was later acquired by Universal Studios

So as we approach the 60th anniversary of the robotic vacuum cleaner, I decided to get one

I Honestly Thought They’d Suck

But who knew one of these little round spinning and swirling vac-u-droids would be such a pleasure

And they buzz to and fro with such precision and persnickety persistence – oh how my engineer Self swoons delightedly to see it in action

I’m mesmerized – it’s almost like watching a gerber plotter printing an IC design layout or a 3d printer building up a model

And there it goes – not me – slipping under my sofa to discover what-ever-the-hell has taken form under there

Oh, but I’m droning on…

Anyhow – I bought a brand you can easily find with a few clicks of your thumbs (or simply click the link below) – and I highly recommend it

RoboRock Vacuum

Operation Vacu-Suck