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Technical Empathy

Technical Empathy

From my new website – [she may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts, kid]


I was talking to my longtime friend and fellow imagineer , Jim Holmes at OzarkIC

Jim and I go way back to our early years at #TI

I went to Jim for the deep design and simulation talks – You got mates like that I’m sure

He said to me [paraphrasing here]; “Craig, you convey complex concepts in accessible language – it’s like…Technical Empathy”

He was fluffin’ my stuff some, but his description; Technical Empathy – that hit different

Selecting engineering tools and partners to fit the engineers using them is an art of integrating technology and personalities

Technical Empathy is discovering a path of least resistance between; tool and team, cost and competition, economy and eventuality

Technical Empaths understand economy and engineering skills as much as developing and merging raw technology

Technical Empathy is like a kelvin connection between Force and Sense