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Eyes without a Face

My Cerebral Index Fund is Over Exposed

why is it I foresee a conjugal tryst between Google Cardboard and Amazon Alexa getting all steamy in my basement?

How do you decide which trends and technologies to track? Are you following multiple linkedin groups, saving stuff to Pocket and Instapaper, bookmarking articles [bookmarks, people. Seriously, who are we fooling with bookmarks?], opening 10’s of tabs on your browser because you’re going to “read these later”? Yep, me too. My Cerebral Index Fund is most certainly over-exposed.

No, I Didn’t See Your SnapTweet

In my last post; Prediction 2016: 3 Big Idea New Product Releases, I made the public prediction that Alphabet would introduce a tight AI bot for general industrial use. Imagine the hue in my cheeks when not only a week or so later I discovered this little gem: TensorFlow while lurking about the “internets” [as Ben Johnson of Marketplace Tech likes to call it…repeatedly…argh]. While not an AI bot, TensorFlow contains the potential spark with deep machine learning on private data sets. Oh, your fingers are tingling because you sent #TensorFlow in a tweet on Oct, 10th of 2014. Dang, I should have been reading my twitter feed that day/minute/second…but, no joy. You might as well have sent me a snapchat-whats-it, thingy. Sheesh.

Bookmarks, people? Seriously, who are we fooling with bookmarks.

Nobody Expected — Origami Robots?

Frankly spoken, there’s just so much incredibly interesting development going on out there and it’s very difficult to keep track of relevant [and/or irreverent] going’s on. For instance, when did you last refresh your current understanding of cloaking technology? Surprise folks…it ain’t just Star Trek geek speak anymore. No sir, ma’am. There are working prototypes of lens cloaks and shield cloaks. There’s a veritable light-bending lollapalooza going on out there. Who knew? And how about this Origami Robot. Did you know about this? Yeah, I thought as much. You didn’t read my tweet, did you.

I’m Not Gonna Like This

You may have guessed I’m all about 3D technology. Well, at least as it relates to physical design and additive manufacturing. But, I just cannot convince myself I’m gonna like strapping on a pair of 3D projection goggles and bumping into the furniture whilst chasing virtual butterflies (or whatever). And yet, why is it I forsee a conjugal tryst between Google Cardboard and Amazon Alexa getting all steamy in my basement workshop? In all seriousness, it seems inevitable we’ll be peeking and poking [see what I did there?] in the mainstream 3rd dimension to better organize and access information. Don’t know about you, but I’ve taken to averting my eyes when I see some poor sod’s computer desktop screen fully consumed with neatly aligned icons in rows and columns. It’s almost a guarantee he’ll stammer through an immediate explanation and apology – hoping you won’t somehow draw a corollary between his state of mind and 20 rows of hierarchically bereft icons.

Open to New Investors – Soon

As soon as I’m empowered with 3D visualization tools and a voice-activated-super-hero synthetic assistant, then I’ll open my Cerebral Index Fund and 3D investment tracker tools to new investors. Until then…keep breathing.