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A View from the Back End

Mergers and Acquisitions – From the Back-End

Hobbled, but not deterred; NVidia has eyes for ARM, while ADI and MAXIM are at first base

If you haven’t been there, being at the Back-End; fab, manufacturing, assembly and test operations of big semi – the so-called “value propositions” of M&A never look as rosy as they seem to have from investors and corporate administration

My #Google #FitBit logs more than 12 acquisitions and mergers after 25 years in semiconductors

That’s like an acquisition every other year – yikes

Fabless design houses, etc. aren’t so bad, but having been in an M&A integration role for barn-stormers like;
#SSI, #Burr-Brown, #Unitrode, #National Semi and the #TriQuint / #RFMD mash-up – these came with serious technology, capital, and cultural integration challenges

Listen for choking sounds coming from Manufacturing-Ops, Test and Assembly when “synergies” are proffered, but yields were not vetted

It’s like the Back-End gets handed binoculars the wrong-way-round – it looks like a long, long road ahead

A friendly word of advice folks; Pull your leaders outta your Back-End 🤠