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Frank Llyod Wright and Tinkercad

First – a brief announcement

Just a quick note to let everyone know I’m actively looking for a new career challenge and opportunity – Please send me a DM if know of a match – Thanks!

I like

And it’s my belief that Frank would like it too

Complex 3d models and mechanical designs can be built with Tinkercad with the bare minimum of CAD experience

It’s a perfect tool to boot-strap your kids and yourself on 3d modeling and printing

Simplicity of Spheres and Cylinders

When I set out to replace the unsightly old spring-post, floor molding mounted door stops I wanted both a cool factor and elegant simplicity

The two outer spheres spin freely so they roll gently across your wall when the door stop is activated – and they’re robust so they can be used as hangers

The center post is intended to be used as a hanger and is also the “last defense” to prevent the door knob from penetrating your sheet rock wall

Simple and Achievable…

It took me about 3 hours to design and draft using only Tinkercad

The design is fully “print-in-place”, meaning that everything you see in this design prints all at once as functions properly right off the printer (well, you do have to remove the minimal support material)

The concealed mounting hardware (shown for illustration in red above) is also part of the single print

The print takes about 5.5 hours on a Prusa Mk3 with a “good” quality .20mm setting

Frank Llyod Wright

Frank Llyod Wright ( was inspired by and founded his prairie-style designs on the simplicity of natural geometry

Frank Llyod Wright Design

Original Frank Llyod Wright Design